Posted   —   № 21

We are excited to announce another release of one of our education lesson packs for Scratch. Consisting of 5 lessons, our Programming Concepts 1 lesson pack focuses on starting to introduce some important coding concepts that will help students to begin to build programs allowing for Marty to respond to different values and start to make simple decisions. By the end of the lesson packs, learners will have a basic but solid understanding of concepts including loops, events, parallel programming, variables and if statements.

This is the perfect next step for those who have completed our first Scratch lesson pack introducing Marty. Students will continue to explore how Marty works and the different ways we can control his movements using a sequence of instructions.

Alongside the hands-on activities included in this lesson pack, students will also get the opportunity to take part in discussions to link programming concepts to everyday real world examples. Working through these lesson plans allows students to build up a backlog of programs and games that they have made. In this pack, students will build programs including a Marty Remote Control, Shape Generator and Marty Magic 8 Ball.

Like all of our Scratch lesson plans, we are Scratch 2 and 3 compatible and detail which benchmarks and outcomes are being addressed in both the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland and the National Curriculum for England. We also include everything you need to get started including, lesson plans, teacher guides, presentation slides, sample solutions, student workbooks and any other additional materials required to carry out the lessons with ease.