Posted   —   № 23

Continuing on from the Programming Concepts 1 pack that has been released for Scratch, this new lesson pack continues to build on students knowledge and experience with some more coding concepts. Featuring another 5 lessons, our Programming Concepts 2 lesson pack continues to introduce concepts to allow students to create more sophisticated programs to make more complicated decisions. These build up to putting what they know together to program Marty to move around an obstacle course.

Following lessons that are compatible with Scratch 2 and 3, students will explore how they can program Marty to make decisions using logical operators AND, OR and NOT before being introduced to functions and parameters and programming Marty to walk without using built-in commands. They will also take part in discussions about what kind of environments they think robots work in, putting this into action by designing their own obstacle course for Marty to be programmed to tackle.

With emphasis on examples and situations from reality, students will be able to breakdown abstract concepts into something relatable in order to create programs that they can reuse and put their own twist on.

Containing all of the resources that you need to immediately get started in the classroom, our lesson packs come complete with lesson plans, teacher guides, sample solutions, presentation slides, student workbooks and any other additional materials required to carry out the lessons. As usual, our lesson plans detail which benchmarks and outcomes they address in both the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and the National Curriculum in England.