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In this lesson pack, we introduce the BBC Micro:Bit - a micro-controller that has been developed to teach young people about programming and electronics. With the introduction of a Micro:Bit extension in Scratch 3, we can now program the Micro:Bit and Marty together, for example, to create a remote control for Marty by using the different gestures that can be captured by the Micro:Bit like in the video below.

Students will get the chance to work on five different small projects in each of the lessons where they will be exploring how we can program the two devices together to put a twist on games like snakes and ladders. All five of the lessons will require Scratch 3 to get both extensions required.

By following a project based approach in this lesson pack, students will get to uncover small games in terms of how they are designed and planned. For example, students will take a traditional game like snakes and ladders and will create some of their own rules to mix the game up a little. This will introduce a level of computational thinking where students will have to consider whether the rules they have created will cover all the different scenarios that they might encounter during the game.

As with all of our lessons, you get all of the resources that you need to get started immediately with using Marty and Micro:Bits in the classroom. Included in this lesson pack are lesson plans, links to the curriculum, teacher guides, student workbooks, PowerPoint slides, sample solutions and any additional learning materials such as worksheets that are required. All lessons include an outline to what benchmarks and outcomes the lesson meets for both the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and the National Curriculum in England.

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marty and microbit