Posted   —   № 29

We might have mentioned that all of our learning resources map to benchmarks for both the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland and the National Curriculum for England. Well, we have added another curriculum to this growing list!

Our helpful lesson plans and resources are now also mapped to the Australian F-10 Curriculum, specifically the Digital Technologies and the Design & Technologies learning areas.

australian f-10 technologies

This means that if you want to reach certain areas of any of those curriculums, you can use our lesson plans for details on what benchmarks each lesson hits. We know that you’re busy so we want to try and make things as simple as possible when using Marty in the classroom so that you can run engaging lessons for your students but still meet the curriculum!

If there is a curriculum that you’re interested in us mapping our lessons to, please get in touch and we can see what we can do!

students using marty