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Summer holidays are right around the corner for most of us and what better way to get summer-ready than to try out some of our new summer-themed lesson plans. Your students can create their own fishing game, help Marty pack for a picnic and train Marty up to become the next Tiger Woods in a special robot themed mini-golf game!

Lets break down our three new summer lessons:

summer 1 - picnic packing

Given a list of snacks, student groups need to help Marty to pack for a picnic. It’s not that simple though! Students will need to break down the snacks into a list of ingredients that they will need and program Marty to navigate towards them to collect them. For example, to make a ham sandwich students will need to collect both ham and bread!

summer 2 - marty mini golf

This lesson is best done across two different sessions. In small groups, students should work together to create their own mini golf course where each group makes one hole so that the whole class will have around 10 different holes overall.

Then we need to get Marty involved and trained up to putt as many holes in one! Students will need to design and build a small putter for Marty and then program arm movements for Marty to putt a small ball (the ping pong ball that comes with Marty is perfect for this!)

With scorecards at the ready, students can then go around all of the different holes made by other student groups to see who can complete the course with the least strokes!

summer 3 - going fishing with marty

Working in small groups, students will need to create a game to help Marty go fishing! Using the on-screen stage in Scratch, students can build fish sprites to randomly appear on the screen for Marty to catch. Marty needs a little bit of help with that part though!

Using the force sensors on Marty’s arm, we can push down gently on the fishing arm to tell Marty to pull up the fishing rod to catch the fish on the screen! Students can then work together to extend their game to add scores, extra sea creatures that Marty shouldn’t be catching and some different movements from Marty depending on whether the fish was caught!