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Marty Bell Orchestra

Posted 23:15:13, 10th December 2018   |   № 129

We set up a bunch of Martys with a set of tuned bells, and got them to play festive songs!

Here is Jingle Bells:

Martys play Jingle Bells

Here's Noel, Noel:

Noel, Noel - but played by Marty the Robot!

And here's I Saw Three Ships come Sailing In:

I Saw Three Martys come sailing in

All controlled by a single Python script. How to guide is [here:](ht…

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New Raspberry Pi Image! Works on Pi 3B+ and A+

Posted 22:57:12, 05th December 2018   |   № 127

Hi all,

I have just put a new Raspberry Pi image into the folder at,

Main updates are:

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+ and A+ Latest version of Rasbpian Stretch ROS upgraded to ROS kinetic Now uses automatic wifi hotspot script from [Raspbe…

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Direct Connect Beta Test Feedback

Posted 21:28:34, 06th September 2018   |   № 121

We're testing a new feature that lets you control Marty directly through the Marty Setup network, rather than using an external WiFi network, it's called Direct Connect.

From the app you can now remote control and calibrate Marty without needing to connect to a WiFi network, and if you load up this version of the Scratch interface, you can then switch to your Marty's Setup wifi network and p…

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Advanced Marty #1 - Raspberry Pi Camera and Ball Following

Posted 09:38:43, 23rd October 2017   |   № 65

Hi all, it's about time that we gave some more information on how to get a camera enabled Marty working. We also need to explain more about what ROS is, and why its so awesome. This is the first part of a short series of posts I'll be making, hopefully each weekend.

I'll try and keep things as simple as I can, but to get the most from this you should have some knowledge of Python, and be comfortable typing stuff into a terminal. I've tried to explain the gist of what's happening in each step, but there a…

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Web Remote Control - in beta

Posted 14:44:33, 17th September 2017   |   № 55

Hi all,

I've been putting together a little rudimentary remote control for Marty. It's not quite ready for release yet, but it would be good to get a few people trying it out and checking for errors

You can get to it at

It gives you a few buttons to control Marty, as well as a D-Pad and an analog joystick for moving Marty around

It uses the same Marty …

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What to do if Calibration or Scratch can't find your Marty

Posted 17:41:38, 02nd September 2017   |   № 44

We're working on making the Marty scanning tools more robust, but while we're doing that there are other ways to get your Marty connected

If you've done the WiFi setup, and Marty is connected to your WiFi (so there's no "Marty Setup" network any more), then here's a video showing how you can find Marty's IP address directly, and use that in calibration tool or Scratch.

Finding Marty's IP

Quick overview

In case you don't like watching videos - he…

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Scratch updates - New block: Sidestep!

Posted 17:01:50, 01st September 2017   |   № 41

Hi folks,

I've just made a couple of tweaks to Marty's scratch interfaces, both the Basic one and the Extended one

Two minor updates:

The get ready block should now also un-pause movement Adding a Marty by IP should now be much quicker

And one bigger update - the sidestep block! …

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Marty Scratch Fun - Shaking Hands!

Posted 17:58:05, 13th August 2017   |   № 18

Marty Scratch - Shaking Hands

As a fun and fairly simple Scratch project, I've been programming Marty to shake hands!

This demonstrates few concepts - we have to move joints, show expressions - but to do it properly we also need to know whether somebody has grabbed Marty's hand - and for that we need to read the sensors!

It'll look a bit like this:

handshake video

Getting started - handshake movements

There will be two main bits to this …

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Worked at Robotical LTD
12th January 2016


Contributed to Marty's crowdfunding campaign in 2016/17
13th June 2016


Got a Palindromic order number
13th June 2016

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In response to Thread № 179 GPIO input voltage level


The logic is 5v tolerant, so it's fine to put 5v on the inputs there. The microswitch is just works very simply by switching 5v on…

Posted 15:53:24, 15th January 2020

In response to Thread № 147 Battery charging


Sorry for the delayed reply!

Marty's battery is indeed a carefully factory matched 2-cell, and there is a control PCB inside wh…

Posted 12:03:02, 26th March 2019

In response to Thread № 127 New Raspberry Pi Image! Works on Pi 3B+ and A+

Hello, the new image has ROS kinetic, OpenCV, and a few other things already on it - so it might not be too bad to make the switch? Having s…

Posted 15:43:49, 05th January 2019

In response to Thread № 128 No Marty Setup Wifi only AI-Thinker_xxxxxx

Hi there,

Really sorry to hear about this. It sounds like your board has not been completely programmed. I'm not sure how that got throug…

Posted 23:10:33, 10th December 2018

In response to Thread № 65 Advanced Marty #1 - Raspberry Pi Camera and Ball Following


Really sorry for the delay. I've just put a new image online here: […

Posted 12:44:04, 05th December 2018

In response to Thread № 124 Calibration not working with Android 9

Hi Dave,

With the newer versions of Android, they require the location permission before they'll give an app info on the wifi network - I…

Posted 17:44:46, 09th October 2018

In response to Thread № 44 What to do if Calibration or Scratch can't find your Marty

Hello williammccarthy!

Sounds like your computer has connected ok to the Marty Setup network, and the next step is to set up the WiFi to ge…

Posted 11:56:15, 07th August 2018

In response to Thread № 116 Is it possible to coding/block programming on ipad?


Sorry for the slow response. Getting scratch working on an iPad is tricky as they don't support Flash. We have a workaround where …

Posted 14:20:31, 20th July 2018

In response to Thread № 117 Red light blinks at Stat led beside PWR led


The red stat light shows communication between the wifi module and the main microcontroller on the board. It will blink to show th…

Posted 14:15:47, 20th July 2018

In response to Thread № 113 Can I control multiple marty on one computer with scratch

Hi there,

There is a prototype scratch interface for controlling multiple Martys online here: […

Posted 11:05:58, 01st June 2018

In response to Thread № 72 Marty Android & iOS App Beta - Feedback and Discussion

Hi all,

We've just pushed an update to the Android app into beta. It's mainly based around a couple of bug fixes and guiding people throu…

Posted 18:50:59, 02nd April 2018

In response to Thread № 102 Marty - The ball follower

Hi all,

Sorry to hear about the issues. The behaviour sounds a bit like a power brown out, which can happen when a current spike (e.g. due …

Posted 19:06:35, 14th March 2018

In response to Thread № 91 left servo accidentally pushed back


Glad you got the replacement motor - can you describe what problems you're having in more detail?

There are two different types…

Posted 21:42:35, 26th February 2018

In response to Thread № 92 Science show!

Hi richard,

I had a quick play with stepping this evening - walking forwards and backwards normally it's possible to go up fairly small ste…

Posted 19:44:18, 26th February 2018

In response to Thread № 93 Battery life

Hey there,

The other day we did a test with Marty walking continuously in a circle, and we got 2 hours and 5 minutes of pretty much const…

Posted 13:03:05, 12th February 2018

In response to Thread № 91 left servo accidentally pushed back

Hi again,

I tried to reply but it might not have got through! Just sent again so let me know if you haven't received anything


Posted 13:01:29, 12th February 2018

In response to Thread № 94 Knee motor issue

Hi John,

Your Marty is looking great! Love the colour scheme!

Thanks for linking to the video and photos. You're right that the 3D printed…

Posted 12:53:06, 12th February 2018

In response to Thread № 86 Scratch blocks in Dutch

Hi Peter,

We haven't got that feature yet - but we'd really like to.

If you could provide a translation of each of the blocks I'll see…

Posted 22:28:00, 07th February 2018

In response to Thread № 91 left servo accidentally pushed back

Hi there,

Can you describe what happens to the servo when it's powered on in a little more detail? If it has broken then please do send a…

Posted 22:09:35, 07th February 2018

In response to Thread № 92 Science show!

Hi there!

Fantastic to hear you want to show off Marty!

We've done a few fun things in Scratch -

[here is a file with some exam…

Posted 22:06:59, 07th February 2018

In response to Thread № 93 Battery life


We estimate that Marty should last 1-2 hours when moving around - although it depends a lot on exactly how much movement is happen…

Posted 21:27:22, 07th February 2018