About Us

The Robotical Team, from Left to Right: Helmi, Angus, Myles, Finlay, Neil and Sandy   2017-07-14   Image Credit: Scottish Enterprise / Rob McDougall

Robotical is a Robotics startup based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Marty is our first product, which we crowdfunded starting in August 2016, and finishing around March 2017 on IndieGoGo

Since then we've been working towards delivering all the Martys to our IndieGoGo crowdfunders, and towards continued improvements to Marty and our other products. Sandy started Robotical because he wanted a real robot to help his neice learn how to code, but also to provide something real to the massive community of makers, educators and hackers at a reasonable price.

Say hello or send us a message at hello@robotical.io or even pop in to our office!