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Alongside eating all of those chocolate eggs you found during an Easter egg hunt put aside some time to try out our new Easter STEAM Activities for Marty the Robot. We have everything you need to set-up and go with these activities either in the classroom or at home, including detailed steps so there is zero planning required on your end!

egg and spoon race

In small groups, teams will compete in a traditional egg and spoon race but instead of taking part in the race - they will be coaching their team’s robot to win the race!! Marty will need to be programmed to walk holding an egg and spoon prop. It’s not that simple though! Teams will need to think about how fast they can program Marty to walk so that he wins the race but doesn’t drop anything!

marty easter dash

Teams will go head to head and program their Marty to dash around the game board to collect all of the Easter symbols shown to them on their randomly selected challenge cards. Look out for symbols on the board that are not on the challenge card though because this will lose you points!

Want to make things more difficult? Only show teams the challenge card for 5 seconds!

easter bingo

Challenge your friends and classmates to this Easter special of Marty bingo! Drawing cards one at a time, individuals must complete the challenge on the card before flipping it over to see what symbol they have just earned. The first to collect all symbols on their worksheet and shout Marty Bingo! wins!!